Kimberley Protectors

Who are the Kimberley Protectors?

The Kimberley Protectors are those who choose to be on the frontline in the fight to save James Price Point from the clutches of Woodside and Colin Barnett. We Blockade and embrace non-violent direct action in our struggle to stop Woodsides diabolical plans.

We have managed to Blockade their proposed operation for over 100 days! Woodsides share price is down 25% over that time ,top business analysts Merril Lynch have called on Woodside to consider all alternatives to James Price Point and their new CEO has announced that he may just do so....... Maybe we are getting somewhere?



  We acknowledge the Goolarabooloo as the Traditional  Owners and custodians of James Price Point. The Goolarabooloo run the Walmadan Tent Embassy and we ask anyone considering visiting the Blockade to be respectful of local tradition and custom.

The Walmadan Camp strictly adheres to a philosophy of non-violence . It is a family friendly/inclusive space that encourages a range of activitys to end Woodsides destruction of country.

We will not give up until Woodside abandons its James Price Point proposal!